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In my last blog post, I asked you to submit your diet and exercise questions for me to answer. Here is my Q&A on what I did to get ready for swimsuit competition!


Due to your experience in pageants, you’ve prepared for a LOT of swimsuit competitions. What did you learn during your prep for Miss USA SS that radically changed your usual SS prep habits?

I went about training for the Miss USA swimsuit competition way differently than I had ever trained before. I have always lived a very active lifestyle and I was no stranger to hard workouts. I was also really fortunate to be able to work with a personal trainer that designed tough workouts to target specific areas I wanted to improve. What I struggled with was taking shortcuts. In the years past, I didn’t devote the 100% effort that I needed to in the diet area and I took fat burners to try to slim down fast for the swimsuit competition. What I really learned is that you can’t achieve the look that you are striving for by cutting corners. Also, My trainer informed me just how dangerous fat burners really are, especially in high stress situations. I had to really put the work in to get my body to where I wanted it to be.


When preparing for Miss USA, you and the rest of the titleholders are prepping for 2 real days of extreme fitness, which means a lot of “relaxing” of discipline towards fitness after the pageant. How did you change your mindset from an extreme fitness focus, to everyday fitness without mashing your face into a gallon of ice cream, and what would your advice be for this year’s titleholders?


This was extremely challenging and no one really talks about it! After being so strict and regimented during the year leading up to the competition, you almost forget what eating “normal” is like. I’m not saying I didn’t have the occasional treat during my training. But I have always been extremely aware of what I was eating and the goal I was working towards. When you realize, “Hey, I can eat whatever I want!” you pretty much do! However, afterwards I would always feel extremely guilty because my mind was not accustomed to splurges. I rode this little food emotional roller coaster for a couple of months before I was able to re-establish balance.

I think the wisdom I would give this year’s titleholders is just to know once the roller coaster stops it is normal to feel a little dazed and confused. Until then, work hard and soak up every second of the once in a lifetime experience!


I’ve got to ask this: in today’s “healthy” lifestyle that’s being promoted at these pageants, why are young girls getting dangerous breast implants to look curvier? Not to mention collagen lip injections, other implants on some, etc. Don’t you think this is completely against being healthy? I understand diet and training, but surgery to achieve these goals? Your opinion?


There are so many varying opinions on the subject of surgical enhancements. There is no denying that any time anesthesia is involved there is a health risk. In my opinion, I think that a person can still live a very healthy lifestyle even with implants or injectables. I believe most females get them to feel more confident about an area of insecurity and I am all for people feeling good about themselves. However, I do think that surgical enhancements are glamorized to young girls and the “but everyone does it” attitude can lead them into doing something for the wrong reasons. So to me it would actually depend on the mindset of the person as to whether or not it was a healthy choice.


I’m a former Miss Delaware and almost bride! Back in my pageant days I found all of the will power in the world to eat healthy and workout. Now my wedding is in 10 weeks and I find myself sneaking junk food for comfort (which I used to be so good at controlling). How do you fight the carb cravings and urge to break my healthy habits?!?! I want to be in the best shape of my life and sneaking fries is not helping.


I would be lying to you if I pretended like I wasn’t sneaking and eating kettle chips in my hotel room as I type this post. The truth of the matter is that it is HARD. Especially when balancing work, stress from planning an event, and managing to find time to get to the gym and exercise.

It always helps me to have something that I am working towards. I like to use the countdown app on my phone to remind me of events creeping up on me that I need to be ready for. I also have to schedule appointments with myself. I physically write down the times that I will be at the gym during the week and times that I will prep meals and snacks for the week. I am constantly on the move so it is an absolute MUST for me to have healthy snack options to grab and go.


What is the most effective way to whittle hips and thighs?

There are so many different exercises you could do to focus on this area. My personal favorites have always been regular & jumping squats and lunges. I will link a youtube video that I found that does a good job of demonstrating the jumping moves here.


When you’re getting ready for a pageant, do you focus more on your diet or workouts? 

There is the poster that hangs in my gym that says “You can’t out work a poor diet!”. I do not think that there is one more important side than the other but I do know that you really have to put the work in with both diet and exercise in order to see the best results.


What is the best diet to drop 10 pounds in a month.. Or more? I’ve been working out daily and I have been toning but not lost much weight.

Scales are so discouraging! Especially if you working out and gaining muscle it is hard to feel like you are making progress. My best advice is to stay off them. I only get on the scale maybe once a month. Instead of focusing on my weight I focus more on my measurements (waist, bust, hips, bicep, and thigh). You will be able to see and track how your body is changing. Also, anytime that I wanted to amp up my progression I got more strict on my diet. While preparing for swimsuit competition my schedule looked like this:

  • 6 AM – 45 mins of cardio
  • 7 AM – Breakfast
  • 9:30 AM – Snack
  • 11 AM – Lunch
  • 3:30 PM – Snack
  • Evening circuit workout
  • 6:30/7PM – Dinner


I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you have any other questions I will answer them in the comments section below.>>


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I’ve not worked out for the las.6months
Bc of job change. An i worked out 6 days a wk.
Before ,now it’s hard for me to get motivated.
To get back into it now that my schedule will allow me to. An may I add I was very intense and
Only did high intense workouts .how do I get the fever back to hitting it hard again?


It’s so tough to get back into the swing of things once we have broken the habit. My advice is to make a commitment to yourself to make it to the gym as often as your schedule allows for a month (they say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 91 days to create a lifestyle) put the time into making the commitment and I think you will get the fever/love back for the gym again!


The ED due to that surgery might be either temporary or permanent. However, it is important to have the doctor’s opinion first before you take these oral medications because these would have bad side effects about the body.


Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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