True Life: I am a First Grade Teacher

I SURVIVED! I am officially on Spring Break!!

For those of you who are not teachers, allow me to explain… Spring is a very interesting time in the life of an educator, especially in elementary school! The kids are crazed with spring fever and the teachers are simply exhausted from trying to corral their focus.

In celebration of having some time to sleep in and decompress for a few days, I thought I would share a few teacher memes that reflect thoughts I have seriously had in the past week.

Did I plan for this to happen?!…. Nope

The students have stopped listening to me when I speak. So I resort to becoming somewhat of a circus performer to try and get their attention.

The snooze button becomes your best friend. (Fact: I am suppose to leave my house at 6:50 am… and I did not get up until 6:15 am today. Needless to say, my hair was in a ponytail.)

Grading papers has become physically painful.



April Showers bring….inside recess.



You start to find victories in the small things.



You try to keep a positive attitude.


You realized your work wardrobe looks as tired as you feel.

Sketcher Go-Walks again?…hmmm



BUT I made it!!! and I just realized……..



…..It is almost time to start thinking about next year!




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So funny! I’m not a teacher but I feel your painšŸ˜

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