Best Products for Long Hair & Extentions

The Long Hair Struggle is Real

I have really long naturally straight hair. In the summer, my hair gets dried out and tangled from being in pools and outdoors. I just recently tried the Long Sexy Hair collection and I have to say I am in love! There are four products in this line, all of which have Moringa Oil and Biotin infused within.

Long Sexy Hair Collection:

  1. Color Safe Luxurious Shampoo
  2. Color Safe Luxurious Conditioner
  3. Luxe Detangler (I cannot live without this detangler! If you use a wet brush with it you will never feel the pain of a tangle again!)
  4. Luxe Blow Out Spray

All four of these products smell amazing and they moisturize my hair without that “Heavy” feeling that some products give. They are also safe for hair extensions and free of sans! If you are looking to switch up your summer hair routine I highly recommend these products!

ALSO, if you are interested in trying Clip-in Hair Extensions I recommend Eye for Design Hair. They will send you a sample hair color ring and you can chose two colors to blend to custom create your perfect match. I usually go natural with my hair but if I am wanting extra volume or my curls to stay nicer I add in my extensions. You can get more info off their website here!

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Happy Fri-YAY!

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