Rent the Runway Review

Rent the Runway Review

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Recently, I had a few fall weddings to attend and I decided to give Rent the Runway a try. I seriously had nothing in my closet to wear to a fall wedding. (Cue eye roll from my family) But in all honesty, I only had summer or winter dresses.. nothing in-between! I started shopping around but couldn’t find anything that I had in mind for these events at the price point that I was hoping to keep.

At first, I was hesitant to give Rent the Runway a try because you can only keep the rentals for a couple of days. So if I scheduled my dress to arrive on Friday, and the event was on Saturday, I wouldn’t have any time to shop for a backup.  Luckily, you can select a free backup size of the same dress just incase it didn’t fit quite right.

Dress #1

All hesitation aside, I took the gamble and selected an asymmetrical yellow maxi dress for a late September wedding. I paired it with turquoise Kendra Scott earrings. Both the dress and the earrings arrived on schedule in a really cool black garment bag. When I unzipped the bag all my items were wrapped in sealed plastic which gave everything a “just cleaned” feel that was comforting. The yellow dress was straight cut so it felt a little large on me but after a couple safety pins I liked the way it looked.

You can view the rental details of the yellow Slate and Willow Dress HERE.

Dress #2

The next dress that I ordered I absolutely fell in love with. I was a little bit wiser to the whole process and chose a style that I knew would be really flattering. I ordered a clutch bag to go with the dress.  I received a notification a couple days before that it wasn’t available because it was damaged by the last renter. I spoke with a stylist over the help chat on the website and they let me pick out another bag to replace it free of charge. Though it wasn’t exactly what I had pictured, I still enjoyed the bag.

You can view the dress rental information HERE and the bag info HERE . To polish off the look I ordered the black 3 ball earrings off Amazon for like $10! I received TONS of compliments on this dress and if it was available to purchase I would buy it in a heartbeat. I loved it that much!

Back up Kate Spade Bag! I still loved it.

In other exciting news… I am FINALLY on Like it to Know it! You can download the Like it to Know it app and “like” or screenshot my instagram posts to get all my outfit details and ordering info!

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