Keeneland: Engagement Story and Bachelorette Weekend!

I realize that it has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post! The last one I wrote was about accepting a new job and I feel like life hit the fast forward button in that moment.  A few months down the line after that and I got ENGAGED! Right at the time of our engagement Dom and I also bought a house. So the hustle of moving, settling in and fixing up our new home, along with wedding planning really had me sidetracked for a while.

BUT, I cannot wait to share that story with you and how we got engaged and how we celebrated my bachelorette weekend at one of my favorite places… KEENELAND!

Engagement Story

As you have probably noticed from my socials and from previous blog posts, I really fell in love with following the sport of horse racing. After experiencing my first Kentucky Derby Weekend, I began following the sales and the horse training religiously. So it was very fitting that Dom took me to Keeneland for my Birthday weekend. We attended the Fall Meet decked out in our race day best. I had a suspicion that an engagement was coming soon, so in my mind what better time than when we are all dressed up right? Well, the day came and went and there was no engagement. We spent the next day touring the beautiful Woodford Reserve and the Kentucky Horse Park. It was so much fun, yet there was still NO engagement! I tried to put it out of my mind since apparently my gut had been wrong about the possibility and it really was such a wonderful weekend that I didn’t want the amazing memories to be soured by a disappointment.

We had made plans to stop at my favorite restaurant on the way home for dinner, Cracker Barrel! As I was exiting the car…pouting that the wonderful weekend was coming to an end (but also looking forward to those wonderful chicken and dumplings) Dom came to my side of the vehicle and got down on one knee! IN THE PARKING LOT OF CRACKER BARREL! …. I will give you a moment here to imagine my shock…. haha We both teared up, he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! We were all blurry eyed and excited all through our meal and I’m sure the waitress thought we were nuts! Looking back now, he chose the perfect moment because we were able to share that special moment between just the two of us… not for show, no beautifully styled outfits, not a picture perfect setup for the gram, but just two in love people and that’s exactly the footing that I want to start our life on.

Keeneland Bachelorette

Since Keeneland holds a special place in my heart because of our engagement, I thought what better way to spend my bachelorette weekend then visiting the place where the excitement of the upcoming wedding began. I rounded up a few of my girlfriends and planned a fun filled weekend at the races! I’m not a huge “going out” kinda girl, give me some wine and friends around the table and I am good to go! So I booked a beautiful AirBnb where we could all relax, catch up, and play games in the evenings.

Weekend Itinerary: Custom Watercolor made by PrimPrettyPrints on Etsy


We started our Bachelorette festivities with ‘Sunrise at the Track’. This is where you can visit the track and watch the horses complete their morning workouts. It is one of my favorite things to do while visiting Keeneland because the track at that time is so beautiful and you really get an up close look at just how fast and powerful the horses are! I highly recommend going if you plan on visiting because it is also a free event! There are even guided tours during that time to give you some history of the track and the sport of horse racing.

Here are some photos from our morning.

We then went back to the house to get ready for a day of fun at the races! It was a blast! We bet on races, indulged in some Keeneland Breezes and delicious Bread pudding before calling it a day!

The famous white parasol

We closed out the weekend with a tour of Mill Ridge Farms and brunch at Carson’s downtown. The day was so stunningly beautiful for a tractor ride through the horse farm it actually made me a bit emotional! We got to visit the barns as well as the most adorable foals.

And yes! I gave all the girls blanket scarves as part of their gift for coming to celebrate with me. So we look very coordinated for the beautiful crisp fall days! Haha

Here are a couple other peaks at the gifts I put together. The girls each received: small gold horseshoe necklaces, blanket scarves, small horseshoes, custom wine tumblers, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls, and of course a little mini Fireball!

Custom Cookie Order: SugarWorks by Mary on Etsy

All and all, the bachelorette weekend was one that I will never forget. Keeneland will always have such a special place in my heart for all the wonderful memories that I have surrounding it. If you are planning to visit Keeneland or need some ideas for organizing a bachelorette event let me know! I would love to share any and all information I have with you!

Thank you so much for reading!



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