2017 Recap and Cheers to the New Year!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I shared on my Instagram yesterday that I took a little holiday vacation from the blog. I took this little break mostly because I was struggling to find an authentic “purpose” with what to post. I also wanted to truly focus on enjoying the holidays with friends and loved ones. A lot of bloggers that I follow post a lot about holiday shopping guides or super cute sweaters (that you actually want to buy for yourself Read More

Words To Live By To Celebrate My 28th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

28 Pieces of Advice

I decided to write this post in honor of my 28th birthday today! Last year at this time, I was celebrating my birthday at the Miss Ohio USA orientation. It was a wonderful day celebrating with all the contestants but what I didn’t know is that it was also the beginning to a year filled with change and life lessons. I wanted to share what I have learned from those experiences. So … Read More

Rent the Runway Review

Rent the Runway Review

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Recently, I had a few fall weddings to attend and I decided to give Rent the Runway a try. I seriously had nothing in my closet to wear to a fall wedding. (Cue eye roll from my family) But in all honesty, I only had summer or winter dresses.. nothing in-between! I started shopping around but couldn’t find anything that I had in mind for these events at the price point that I … Read More

Monograms, Mulled Cider, and everything FALL!

Hello and Happy Fall Ya’ll!

I didn’t expect to take the little blogging vacation that I have been on, but it has been a busy few months! I travelled most of the summer, moved into a new home, and started a new school year #TeacherTired . However, I am happy to be back at it!

I wanted to share with you a little bit about the company Marly Lilly for those of you who love monograms. (and who doesn’t really…am … Read More

Having Child Like Faith

Having Child-Like Faith

I wrote this piece for myself a year ago and it is one of the first realizations I had to begin blogging.  It is a more personal post that came straight from my heart at 3am one morning after teaching Vacation Bible School. In honor of the VBS kickoff this week, I decided to muster up some courage and share this message in hopes that it resonates with some of you. Its a bit lengthy and I … Read More

Faking it: My 5 Favorite Sunless Tanners!

5 Favorite Sunless Tanners

Are you looking for a good self tanner that doesn’t leave you orange and streaked? Being a redhead, I have really fair skin. I have to be extremely careful in the sun on vacation. I usually wear tons of sunscreen and a hat the entire time at the beach. But… I still want to LOOK tanned while avoiding the burns and blisters, so I use sunless tanners!

We have all heard about self tanning mishaps of … Read More

Workout and Diet Q&A

Hello Everyone!

In my last blog post, I asked you to submit your diet and exercise questions for me to answer. Here is my Q&A on what I did to get ready for swimsuit competition!


Due to your experience in pageants, you’ve prepared for a LOT of swimsuit competitions. What did you learn during your prep for Miss USA SS that radically changed your usual SS prep habits?

I went about training for the Miss USA swimsuit competition way … Read More

Beauty | Brand | Believe Expo

I am extremely excited to travel  to the Beauty|Brand|Believe Expo this weekend! It is the Premier Northwest Beauty Expo that focuses on helping state and national competitors improve their confidence, interview skills, and overall presentation. (You can read a little bit more about the event and the speakers here.)

I will be attending this event with my good friend and personal trainer for Miss USA, Quincy Alexander. Quincy and the Elite Training team were a HUGE part … Read More

How to (Almost) be a Morning Person

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a horrific morning person. I usually struggle to get out of bed, hit snooze a million and one times, rush around, pull myself together enough to make coffee and hit the road. I often dream of having a life where I do not have to wake up to the alarm clock. One where I can quietly drink my coffee while I watch Kathy Lee and Hoda. But until then, I have … Read More

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Megan Wise, and I am the gal behind the keyboard of this whole shebang! I have been an avid blog follower for years and secretly fill my email accounts with tons of “Like it to Know” notifications from all my favorites.

(Which, by the way, is also becoming the single-handed demise of my teaching salary.)

Regardless, I love following each person’s individual style and strongly admire a flair for good … Read More